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Analysis of E-commerce Children

For children's products, safety is the first element. According to CCTV News, the Consumer Product Safety Commission announced on Wednesday that a baby shaker made by Fisher-Price Toy Company in the United States has killed more than 30 babies in the past decade, and Fisher-Price has decided to recall all about 4.7 million related products.

According to Pear Video News, Consumer Report said in its survey that the tilt design of the baby shaker poses a risk to infants, which can cause asphyxia if the baby's head falls forward and falls into an immovable situation.

According to public information, Fisher Toys Company was founded in 1930 and is a world-renowned manufacturer of children's toys and related products. It became a wholly owned subsidiary of Mattel in the 1990s. Such a well-known manufacturer will lead to deaths, so the safety of baby products is not optimistic.

This paper chooses the children's bicycle of Taobao platform as the research object, and analyses the sales trend, price range distribution, regional sales TOP10, brand sales TOP10, shop sales TOP10 and the best sales TOP10 of children's bicycles, electric bicycles, tricycles and scooters in March 2019, in order to help the online children's bicycle industry practitioners.

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